Proaims is a company with many reputed clients, they decided us as a part of their success story.
What makes us special is the bunch of experts
with high career goals. Proaims an ideal place to have the experience to frame the best career goals and to achieve them!

Life at Proaims

ProAIMS stands for Professional Architectures, Innovations and Management Systems. Established in 2011 as an end-to-end IOT solution company for various IOT products headquartered in Dubai assimilating more than 10 years of hands on technical expertise in providing enterprise software architectures and providing innovative high end technical solutions in various domains.

Current Openings

Laravel Developer

3+ Years

We are looking for Laravel Developers with Knowledge in LARAVEL, PHP, MYSQL, Mongo DB, NODE, REACT, ANGULAR. Minimum 3 years of experience is Mandatory.

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